Why we fundraise for Treatments

Our son Dustin was diagnosed with autism in 2007 just a month before his 3rd birthday. We had no idea what that 1 word would mean for our son or our family. We have spent the last 7 years learning , praying , crying , juggling schedules , adding to our vocabulary ...Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy ,  Applied Behavior Analysis , Speech Therapy , Feeding Therapy. Definitely learning to count each step of progress as a wonderful blessing!! There are many treatments available for autism that are not recognized by the main stream . ( this means not covered by insurance ) We have met some amazing families on this journey that have the same struggles with finding ways to cover the cost of these treatments .This is why we are fundraising for treatments for kids with autism. They deserve to have the most effective and beneficial treatments available regardless of cost . Thank you for joining us on our adventure. Lets see if we can change the course of autism together !
working together
*We do NOT take any income from this site or any of the fundraisers *