"A great day" ??

Posted by on September 3, 2013 at 11:10 PM

"A great day"...a common phrase heard across the country by many autism parents doing pick-ups from schoool and or therapy.What exactly does that mean?? I have had this conversation with many parents over the years. My explanation of a great day in my mind...No behaviors ...No potty accidents ...No outbursts...NO RESTRAINT AND/OR SECLUSION...participated....learned something new...had fun...made a friend ...ate carrot sticks at lunch...had some more fun...( i know that is a HUGE picture!!) A teacher , therapist , or your explanation of a great day might look NOTHING like that. I know some parents are content with that explanation ...just happy their child appears to have survived the day or session. I NEED MORE!!! How are we to help our kids navigate through life if we don't know what to work on with them. Sometimes that little extra practice at home on those missing or not quite developed skills makes all of the difference in the lives of our children. On a small scale.... the difference between more functional main stream time ....on a big scale searching for alternative living placement when they are to big to handle during meltdowns .We as parents must find a way to have open and descriptive communication with the amazing people who work so hard with and for our children. Choose a way that is easiest for you. Email is a great way to have documentation you can refer back to if needed to look for trends in good /bad patches . Create a folder/binder with daily or session notes. You can customize these around the concerns you have specific to your child. Now get out there and "HAVE A GREAT DAY" :)

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