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Posted by Chari Reynolds on January 5, 2014 at 1:20 AM

I appreciate the opportunity to blog here. I often blog on my family site, sharing pictures and feelings about life, it has always been very therapeutic for me. Blogging here from time to time is exciting and different, because it is more about other people. Our founder has been hard at work. She has BIG dreams, not to mention the BIGGEST heart, for this cause. Ultimately helping other people allows us to heal, allows us to become better people, and makes the world a better place. Corny but true. Please stay tuned to see where the next adventure takes us.


Recently my son's ABA provider sent me a note entitled The Steps of Empowerment. Well I had never heard of such a thing and I decided to read on. They seemed straight forward enough but it struck me if I had mastered any of them??? Especially in regards to having a child on the spectrum.


 1) Accept and Embrace this Challenge- 


My son will be 10 this year. I still struggle to accept that Autism is a part of my life. Honestly months go by and I think the hurt has past, and then, when I least expect it, it sneaks up on me. Obviously I still struggle with Accepting, but what if I embraced this as the defining moment in my life?? I'm going to give it a try. Onward and Upward



2) Educate yourself


I have this one in the bag! Or do I? Knowledge is power. I know this to be true. After our Autism diagnosis I dove in and read until my eyes were blood shot. After a while, I could not stand to read anymore Autism books. I got complacent in my knowledge and go tired of knowing more than everyone else. Ha ha ha! Enter Alex. She reminded me of the value of constantly learning. So I dove in again. I am more discerning now, but sometimes I get hit with a stoke of genius from my reading, and that leads us to a new mile stone. Onward and Upward


3) Get Support


What is it about this one? It is tough to find support. At my husband's recent nursing graduation the key note speaker said, "you can not really care for another, unless you care for yourself". I know this. Having support is part of caring for my mental well being. Support helps me DEAL with ALL of life's challenges better. Even if support comes in the form of chatting with a friend over an insanely long dinner inhaling mac n' cheese. And maybe at the end, your reminded "your not alone". Onward and Upward



We will be posting more through out the month. Whatever your goals are for 2014 we wish you the very best and offer our love and support.


Our Deepest Gratitude-




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