Posted by Chari Reynolds on January 28, 2014 at 10:05 PM

#4 Don't compare yourself- Run your own race

#5 Shore Up Spiritually

#6 Live in Gratitude/Give Back

#7 Recognize your gifts

These are steps 4-7 of gaining Empowerment

Tonight I want to focus on number 4. Last night my son and family were able to partake in a basketball skills class aimed at the special needs individual. From the get go, it was not smooth sailing my son. It was an assault on the senses, and unfamiliar, which is usually a guaranteed anxiety attack. At first I was not sure how to feel about the situation. A room filled with people and tears streaming down my boy's face. But I soon realized the power of being in an accepting environment. Although there was protest, things changed at the end of the night. My son attempted to dribble the basketball down the court next to his father and shoot a basket. He did this all with no tears, but there were many cheers. I was in a room full of people that recognized "the race" my son had run that night. It was about moving forward and making progress with no comparisons. It taught me a valuable lesson. We need to remember to be easier on ourselves, focus on moving forward inch by inch. Run our own race, or tip toe slowly towards that basketball hoop and give it all we have.


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